Mission StatementWe change lives one at a time

About usPrime and audacious recruitment solutions

Founded in 2017, JANE TOWN RECRUITMENT SERVICES (JTRS) was established to provide prime and audacious recruitment solutions to both businesses and to job-seekers.

The founders of JTRS have a combination of 35 years of solid, local and international, direct and indirect first hand experience of businesses recruitment and job-seekers. As Recruitment Professionals we at JTRS understand the frustration of employers around hiring, training, and keeping the right people in their businesses.

We also understand how frustrating it can be for job-seekers to find the right job which could become a lifetime career to pursue.

In today’s business world there are so many conflicting messages coming from corporates, social media, daily news, etc. creating clutter which can jam up the making of sound business decision, especially in hiring individuals.


Meet the team:

Jane Town, Owner:

Jane in 2012 travelled to the UK with her husband where they hoped to start a recruitment company hiring nurses and care professionals for the NHS (National Health Services) and private medical companies, providing Filipinos, but unfortunately the UK Government made some law changes and this was not possible. Jane then applied for a job to stay in England and had to go through the recruitment process, which was totally different to what she had seen in the Philippines and to her surprise was able to secure a very satisfying job looking after autistic and other mental problems, teenagers and young adults, with what she had assessed as not a good enough academic background, but because of her personality the company was prepared to offer extensive training. After 5 years Jane and her husband decided to come back to the Philippines and start “that recruitment company” bringing some of the relaxed views on age, height, education etc. with the philosophy good people are good people and common sense is priceless.

Jaime Town, Senior Consultant:

Jaime is a classically trained draughtsman, qualified with a HND in mechanical engineering and a history of sales and manufacturing, selling technical Stainless-Steel products and raw materials to the oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, nuclear and food industry for 25 years. Jaime has worked and lived in over 40 countries, with job titles ranging from Sales Manager Asia region to MD and CEO, successfully starting companies in England, Poland, USA and both the Philippines and Singapore taking new products to new markets. He has very strong personal insights of many businesses from the inside which made him understand more the business perspective in hiring the right candidates.

Nicolae, Recruitment Officer: Executive Search

Nicolae is tasked with fulfilling the tactical objectives of a JTRS and our customers through hiring and retaining employees. Nicolae is skilled in developing and implementing recruiting plans and strategies, striving to bring in the best people to fill our customers needs

GEMMA, Recruitment Officer: EXECUTIVE SEARCH

Gemma says every person has stories to tell—stories that will not only engage, inform, surprise, delight, and impact their audience, but that will also deliver on measurable goals. And is also the conduit between client and candidate. She is a very simple, God fearing, caring, understanding, trustworthy and kind hearted human being. Also an Recruitment Officer for Executive Search, offers job opportunities for job-seekers while building trust and motivation for them.

IYYA, Recruitment Officer: PRODUCTION Worker’s

With a vivid experience in the recruitment industry for almost a year, ultimately gaining experience in Jane Town Recruitment Services human resources practices by sourcing and recruiting at a variety of levels. Iyya as a recruiter, takes pride in ensuring that placements are strong match for all parties and is interested in finding people careers rather than simply jobs, her goal as a recruiter is to build a strong long distributions and terminals.

KIM, Recruitment Officer: PRODUCTION Worker’s

Kim is building a great team of Production Workers as a recruiter for Jane Town Recruitment Services, with her help we are transforming the way applicants advance in their careers, she spend her days finding, recruiting and hiring the best Production Workers and other skilled individuals who can help realize that mission.

Ariane, Recruitment Officer: PRODUCTION Worker’s

With Ariane’s help we discover and nurture the manufacturing industry’s newest Rockstars. She specializes in recruiting entry-level production workers, drivers, and other skilled individuals for our Partners, according to her she support new grads in their development as professionals and strive to make the recruiting process as fun as possible.

Rachelle, Recruitment Officer: PRODUCTION Worker’s,

According to Rachelle, it’s less about where or when you do your work, and more about its quality, For her its really important to recognize that good ideas can come from anyone where she experienced this firsthand as a recruiter.


As Krizshelle always say it is where Human Resource programs fall short, her work authorization and recruiting experience shine! Her title was Internal Auditor, but she’s been interested in Human Resources all along. Over her career, she have referred several people who became employees, drawing upon her own personal experience this gives her practical, hands-on experience in talent acquisition/talent attraction/recruiting and work authorization, ever since childhood she had an aptitude for numbers but according to her as she grew older, she came to understand that the numbers are only one piece of the puzzle — there is a story hiding behind them and this is why she wish to continue her career in this new direction.