Q What is your recruitment process?

A We will use the top level requirements of the job opportunity to identify suitable candidates for a role from our database. Then we will look at the specific qualities and other factors, to arrive at a shortlist of candidates that will be offered to the client for interview.


Q Have you got any jobs?

A Our current opportunities will be listed on the home page, but we are happy to receive CVs even if you don’t see a role that you are looking for.


Q Can you get me a job in Manila?

A We are working with several clients that operate nationwide


Q I am not a College Graduate, can I still apply?

A We have clients with roles where only a High School Diploma is required


Q I want to change the field I am in; how can I do this?

A Send us your CV, with a covering letter, clearly setting out what you want to achieve and what you think you can bring to an alternative role and we will be happy to review your suitability accordingly


Q What if I didn’t pass in one of your job openings, can I still apply for other openings?

A There are often many more applicants than there are positions, so, if you do not get hired, there will be feedback why and coaching if necessary. We will hold your CV on file until another job comes up that is suitable.


Q I do not think my CV is good enough, can you help?

A Your CV is an essential tool to get you noticed and clearly set out what your skills and strengths are. There are many resources available online to assist you to get your CV right. JTRS do not currently offer a CV writing service, but we will try to give you feedback if we think there are issues that would help you.


Q Where is your office?

A See our contact page


Q Can I just drop by your office?

A NO you need an appointment, send us your CV requesting a consultation


Q How can I apply to be a freelance recruiter?

A Please send us an e-mail and tell us about yourself and why you would like to join our team of freelance recruiters


Q We would like to use your services to hire staff for our company, how could we do that?

A Please send us a message with the following details:

  1. Full name of the contact person
  2. Position in the company
  3. Complete company name
  4. Contact details (e-mail, phone and business address)
  5. If known type and numbers of staff required

We will then be in touch with a proposal